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Lean is about creating products or services using only the absolute minimum of resources and therefore being able to offer customers value for money whilst maximising business profitability.

Implementation of lean methodology creates an organised and efficient workplace where tasks can be standardised and easily repeatable ensuring a consistent success rate every time.

Lean manufacturing techniques can reduce process inputs for people and materials, eliminating waste such as delays, defects, overproduction and work in progress allowing significant savings to be made. Where there is a lack of reliability there is waste. If your processes are not reliable you cannot be lean.

A fundamental principle of lean methodology is demand-based flow manufacturing. This involves removing the variation caused by work scheduling, thereby providing priorities for implementation.

In this type of production setting, inventory is only pulled through each production centre when it is needed to meet a customer’s order. High levels of equipment availability are a pre-requisite for demand based flow.

Our improvement consultants know how to boost the benefits of your lean manufacturing implementation with the inclusion of our reliability improvement methods.

Please call us on 01233 840999 to find out how we can best advise you on the next stage. Our consultants are all independent and are based in both U.K & U.S.