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Case Study One:  5S CLEANING STATIONS (Naylor Drainage)


“Naylor report on a visible decrease in time wasted during production”

 SUMMARY: Naylor sought to decrease time wasted during production in order to increase labour productivity withmore than 100 years of manufacturing and supply experience to the Construction, Building and Civil Industries.

National Engravers created a number of wall-mounted and free-standing shadow boards to ensure that cleaning equipment was easily sought and stored.


 Naylor is a leading and long established British manufacturer of building and construction products.


 Naylor was looking to implement a solution which standardised the storage of equipment, ultimately resulting in a significant cost reduction by raising labour productivity in the right areas.


 National Engravers are more than aware that lean production accelerates production while eliminating many types of waste such as setup, excess inventory, unnecessary handling, waiting, low equipment utilisation and defects. The key prerequisites of lean production are product line rationalisation and standardisation which simplify both the supply chain and manufacturing operations. The 5S Shadow Boards allow for any deterioration of equipment to be detected and replaced at the earliest opportunity as well as locating and organising equipment efficiently.

 For Naylor, the time taken to perform seemingly simple tasks was visibly reduced as soon as the boards were installed and employees we no longer wasting time “searching for the items the board store”.

 Naylor reported that rolling out the Shadow Boards was “certainly saving us a lot of time”.




SUMMARY: Eaton instructed us to design, fabricate and install a bespoke 5S tool Shadow Board system which could not use include any traditional digital printed media or other plastics liable to corrode from exposure to an aggressive lubricant they use.

National Engravers manufactured a number of wall-mounted tool shadow boards using materials which would withstand hostile conditions without compromising the functionality and branding of the board.


Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. 


Eaton required a shadow board for their tools. The challenge was that it would be exposed to an aggressive lubricant which would erode a standard printed and laminated shadow board. The tool board required needed to be functional, bespoke and durable to their specific environment. In order to achieve the required results we profiled out anodized aluminium sheets and then bonded these to a stainless steel substrate to give the "shadows" effect. Additional engraving of the logo and tool text was paint filled. Appropriate tool fixings were assembled and tested for functionality.


National Engravers are experienced with working with clients with specific requirements. As all of their shadow boards are bespoke this was another example of understanding exactly how the customer needed the product to work and finding a solution. 

National Engravers were able to retain all aspects of their standard 5S Tool Shadow Boards with the added features of engraved customized text and logos.

This case exemplified our flexibility in catering for a wide range of markets, requirements and conditions without losing the very real benefits 5S shadow boards can bring to an organisation.





Sika are a leading global as Manufacturers of specialty chemicals for construction and industry.

The Brief:

National Engravers was tasked with providing a large 10m x 1.2m production board which would allow Sika's staff to easily display and alter relevant production data onsite. The board had to be both dry-wipe and also magnetic to enable users to fully integrate information. Various parts included A4 snap frames as well as sliders to denote progress for particular tasks.

The Results:

The prove in any bespoke visual aid such as a notice boards or production boards is how much is it used by employees and we have been informed the boards are working extremely well.